I need answers: the subconscious mind

Why can’t I just be the person I wish to be?  I’m not talking about professions and careers.  I am talking about becoming the “kind” of person I desire to be so much.   What if I wish to become an outgoing extrovert? Or what if I just want to make and keep new friends […]

A Muslim visits a church “All life depends on all life”

What am I even doing?!  Am I crazy?  I felt a little nervous that morning, as I loaded my kids in the van and headed towards St. Cuthbert’s Anglican church.  I am a practicing Muslim, and I was about to sit through a Sunday service at a church, while my kids would be watched over […]

Islam: transforming your ego

Ever since I began my blog, I wondered which imam to contact for an interview.  I considered going to a local mosque to get some answers about the essence of Islam.  But each time I decided upon a mosque or an imam, something just wouldn’t fit.  I realized that I couldn’t just interview any imam.  […]