NDE: a path back to God

Muslims, Christians and Jews who have near death experiences talk about peaceful sensations and being in the presence of the divine.  But what about someone who does not associate with any religion? What about someone who most of their life before their near death experience was agnostic and even cynical about spirituality?  One such man […]

At the brink of death

As soon as I posted requests for “near death” accounts on my personal Facebook page and on the groups I am a member of, I started wondering if I would be able to pull off getting a Muslim, Christian, and Jewish person to share their story with me.  I am not exactly writing a book […]

Humanity: the default destiny

Why do so many people feel so alienated from the rest of humanity despite tools like the internet, social media, and telecommunications which make it easier to connect to people globally? Considering all the means of getting to know others better, why is there still so much hate, fear, and suspicion? It’s as if we […]