Humanity: the default destiny


Why do so many people feel so alienated from the rest of humanity despite tools like the internet, social media, and telecommunications which make it easier to connect to people globally?

Considering all the means of getting to know others better, why is there still so much hate, fear, and suspicion?

It’s as if we are trapped and forced into hating each other. At the same time, it feels like everyone is under tremendous pressure from some untouchable force to dream up and strive towards self serving perverted fantasies.  Most of us don’t even take out the time to reflect on what it is we truly want for ourselves in life, and so we accept whatever is shoved down our minds by others as our own destiny.

We are usually moulded into the standard/default “destiny” through television. And television or media is of course the god of our era; as if wearing a designer suit in front of an expensive camera is all it takes to be credible.  The words and images streaming out of these wavelengths are taken as holy scripture that no one can and should debate.  The networks and shows become the standard against which everything else is measured and judged.

Movies and other forms of “entertainment” keep telling us to fear and hate certain types of people.  The mind games get more interesting as some types of people are put on a pedestal.  Such people usually comprise of those who have sold their souls, those who are lost and have moved away or have deliberately severed ties with the Divine; the Source of all that is.  Repeatedly told to identify with our physical bodies and life circumstances, we almost completely forget that our bodies are just vehicles to experience the physical world, and the real us is the spirit, the intangible awareness that resides within.

It took me a long time to realize that networks and television shows are simply designed and maintained by people like the rest of us.  It is simply people with a vision and the necessary developed leadership skills who have placed themselves in front of the world, and in all honesty, are at our mercy.

But we don’t take control of our own destiny.  Instead, we wait.  Generation after generation, we look to our parents, our teachers, our religious leaders, and other mentors and persons of authority to allow us to love others the way we our innermost being craves.  I was and still am to a degree stuck in a hypnotic trance, unwilling to look past the programming.

And yet, there is something in all of us, regardless of our creed and culture, that makes us yearn to connect to others at a deeper level.  There is something in all of us that pleads with our false sense of self to let go and just merge with the rest of humanity.  Something inside all of us deeply desires to drop the shields on our fabricated and artificial public identity.

For now, I pray: May God bless all humanity with the insight to turn to each other and recognize that inside each body, inside each mind, and underneath the layers of beliefs and emotions, radiates the Divine spark.  May the Source of all that is fill us all with His infinite light.  Amen.


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