meditation: the most under-utilized spiritual practice

Why is mankind in constant turmoil? This is not just true at a global scale, but also at the individual level. We have so many desires and anxieties, and we project them openly, yet are often completely oblivious to our neurosis.  We fight and struggle to dominate and repress other people’s freedoms, and the level […]

spiritual selfies

If you ever want to know who you really are, then observe your thoughts, words, and actions during a time of distress or challenge.  Most of us would be surprised to realize that often times, we are not who we think we are.  But as unbearable as it can be, “spiritual selfies” as I like […]

Canadian Sufi Cultural Centre: a mystical experience

I had been contemplating visiting the Sufi Cultural Centre for many months.  I had emailed them and gotten an open invite for visiting several months ago, but since they only met together every Saturday night for dhikr (to remember God by calling on His names/attributes), it was difficult to actually end up there, since there […]

love, pray, eat

Back in early spring 2009, I remember walking out of the NICU ward at Mount Sinai Hospital in downtown Toronto, feeling unsure and worried over the future prospects for my newborn premature triplets who lay there naked and hooked up to various monitors and tubes in their incubators.  As I walked past the lobby, I […]

A Muslim’s visit to a Christian Monastery

I wondered if there were any Christian monasteries in the Toronto area, so I googled to quench my curiosity.  Surprised to find one in Toronto, I went on the website for the Holy Cross Priory.  I had no idea what happened in monasteries, so I clicked on the prayer tab and was really intrigued by […]

tragedy: the homogenization and loss of meaning

 Just recently, I realized how mechanical and meaningless some aspects of my spirituality have become. Whenever I meet someone Muslim, I say “assalam alaikum.”  That person responds to me “walaikum salaam.”  Sometimes the other person says salaam first, and I respond to them.  Everything is good, until I realize that I don’t even know what […]