A Muslim’s visit to a Christian Monastery

I wondered if there were any Christian monasteries in the Toronto area, so I googled to quench my curiosity.  Surprised to find one in Toronto, I went on the website for the Holy Cross Priory.  I had no idea what happened in monasteries, so I clicked on the prayer tab and was really intrigued by […]

NDE: a path back to God

Muslims, Christians and Jews who have near death experiences talk about peaceful sensations and being in the presence of the divine.  But what about someone who does not associate with any religion? What about someone who most of their life before their near death experience was agnostic and even cynical about spirituality?  One such man […]

At the brink of death

As soon as I posted requests for “near death” accounts on my personal Facebook page and on the groups I am a member of, I started wondering if I would be able to pull off getting a Muslim, Christian, and Jewish person to share their story with me.  I am not exactly writing a book […]

near death experiences: lessons and revelations

Once in a while, God sends things our way that change us forever. The book The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot was one of those special divine gifts sent my way.  It greatly expanded my understanding of God, life, and death.  One of the concepts the author touched upon, was near death experiences or NDEs. […]

mystics: lost in translation

We often think of ourselves as our bodies.  The “I” is the one that speaks through the lips, that looks with the two eyes, smells with the nose, feels with the touch, and tastes with the tongue.  Most of us, despite believing in God and scripture, believe that the only way we can experience God […]

I need answers: the subconscious mind

Why can’t I just be the person I wish to be?  I’m not talking about professions and careers.  I am talking about becoming the “kind” of person I desire to be so much.   What if I wish to become an outgoing extrovert? Or what if I just want to make and keep new friends […]