love, pray, eat

Back in early spring 2009, I remember walking out of the NICU ward at Mount Sinai Hospital in downtown Toronto, feeling unsure and worried over the future prospects for my newborn premature triplets who lay there naked and hooked up to various monitors and tubes in their incubators.  As I walked past the lobby, I […]

NDE: a path back to God

Muslims, Christians and Jews who have near death experiences talk about peaceful sensations and being in the presence of the divine.  But what about someone who does not associate with any religion? What about someone who most of their life before their near death experience was agnostic and even cynical about spirituality?  One such man […]

mystics: lost in translation

We often think of ourselves as our bodies.  The “I” is the one that speaks through the lips, that looks with the two eyes, smells with the nose, feels with the touch, and tastes with the tongue.  Most of us, despite believing in God and scripture, believe that the only way we can experience God […]

A Muslim visits a church “All life depends on all life”

What am I even doing?!  Am I crazy?  I felt a little nervous that morning, as I loaded my kids in the van and headed towards St. Cuthbert’s Anglican church.  I am a practicing Muslim, and I was about to sit through a Sunday service at a church, while my kids would be watched over […]

Islam: transforming your ego

Ever since I began my blog, I wondered which imam to contact for an interview.  I considered going to a local mosque to get some answers about the essence of Islam.  But each time I decided upon a mosque or an imam, something just wouldn’t fit.  I realized that I couldn’t just interview any imam.  […]

Tikkun Olam: Interview with Rabbi Tamar Grimm

By: Samra (admin) I paced around, then paused to look at the clock.  It read 1:35pm.  “Only 25 minutes to go,” I said to myself.  I decided to calm my nerves by calling on God using the prayer/meditation beads.  I called on Him by His various names in Arabic, such as The Light (An-Noor), The […]

The ‘Kindergarten’ Strategy

By Samra (admin) God loveth those who are kind. – The Table Spread 5:13 (Quran) Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8 (Bible) “Love your neighbor as yourself, I am the Lord.” -Leviticus (Torah) Remember when we were all babies and loved being held by our […]